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I'm a professional developer, musician and teacher, and recent graduate of the web development program at CareerFoundry in Berlin. I'm a highly-motivated self-starter who values opportunities for growth and working within a culture of support, exchange and excellence.


At CareerFoundry, I learned to build high-quality websites using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. I use Sass as my CSS preprocessor and totally love it!


I love coding projects in Ruby and JavaScript! And using Ruby on Rails, I'm able to build quality and performant web applications quickly.


I'm up-to-date with the latest software tools for version control, deployment, database performance, and system optimization.


Rails CRUD API with Vue.js

A basic CRUD API backend built with Rails 5.2 and seperate frontend application built with Vue.js.

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JavaScript Piano

A minimalist piano built with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

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A production-ready Rails 5 eCommerce site built using MVC, RESTful and object-oriented design patterns, user authentication and authorization with Devise and CanCanCan, test-driven development with RSpec, performance optimization with Redis, and payments integration with the Stripe API.

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Rails ToDo

A Rails 5 todo list application.

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